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Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #167: Controlling Surgery Anxiety

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Why Surgery Anxiety Occurs – How To Decrease Surgical Anxiety

  • No Control – The main reason for fearing surgery is that people feel out of control. Your fear is compounded when you are ‘going under’ (anesthesia).
  • Will Surgery Be Successful? – Some fear surgery because they are too afraid it won’t work.
  • Facing Mortality – For some, having surgery forces them into a thinking of your own mortality.

  • Trust Your Physician – We fear what we don’t understand. Trust can diminish anxiety. Even if you don’t fully comprehend the entirety of the surgical process, recognize that, in the entire world, your physician is the most competent person to fix your medical condition.
  • Believe In Yourself – Trust yourself to listen to your body. Trust yourself to do what is best for you. Trust yourself to make the right decision.
  • Understand / Get Educated About Hip Replacement Surgery – Your physician and their staff will provide valuable information about hip replacement surgery. Ask your friends, research the internet, like this site, attend the pre-surgery class as required by most hospitals.
  • I have included an entire chapter on What To Expect During Your Hip Replacement Surgery Operation (A Play By Play Of My Operation). I cover everything from your arrival, to anesthesia, to the catheter, to what happens to you during the surgery, to waking up in the post-surgical holding area.
  • Focus On The Outcome – Know that no matter how difficult the process might be for you that, after surgery, it will be better.

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