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Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #15: Scarred For Life? How To Easily Explain Your Hip Replacement Surgery Scar

Be Hip & Share This With A Friend

Most people don’t like walking around with a scar.

But for some, it is a mark of honor and accomplishment.


But, if you are asked to explain, here are a few ways to discuss your badge of honor:

1) How To Share Your Hip Replacement With Friends, And Even Those You Barely Know ( The ‘G’ Rated Version) – There are always some people that I just don’t know that well or they are just not ready for the graphic details of how a hip is replaced, so I share the ‘G’ rated version with them. I always believe in telling the truth so, when they ask, “Hey, what have you been up to?” Seizing the opening, I pause, take a deep sigh, then proceed to proudly demonstrate, like when I was in fourth grade, when presented with my first 4H Blue Ribbon. I always show (even if they haven’t asked) someone my hip replacement surgery scar.

Be Like A Vasectomy Model – Since I am usually wearing shorts, I slightly, and slowly, pull down on the waistband of my shorts, dropping it down just to the top of my femur (not to exceed the ‘R’ rating). I simply point to the top end of my scar and then I slowly run my finger to the other end, as if I were a model demonstrating a luxurious skin care product. As I reach the end of my nine-inch scar, and see their eyes widen, I say, “Oh that? That is the scar from my second vasectomy. Now stand back and let me show you my hip replacement scar.” It is always good for a bit of sympathy, a rolling of the eyes, but, thankfully, it causes the person to go away.

2) The Former Girlfriend Strategy – I had a girlfriend once (if you can believe that). She was joking (?) one day about how she picked her girlfriends. Her secret? If she looked better in a bikini, they could be her friend.

So… apply that strategy to your scar, only show your scar when you know that someone else has a scar worse than yours.

3) Tell The Truth – Simply say that this scar is badge of honor that you made it through surgery and is a small price to pay to have a hip free of pain.


Be Hip & Share This With A Friend