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Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #77: I Haven’t Dropped A Brick In Two Years… (Things I Shouldn’t Have Said)

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Treading Water

My prehab and post hip replacement surgery rehab exercises started with me treading water.

Next, I added workout swim fins to work my hips (both my repaired hip – rehab, and my remaining good hip – prehab).

I kept getting stronger and stronger, so I decided I wanted to be…

The Next Jerry Rice

I remembered watching a video on Jerry Rice, the NFL’s all time leading receiver. The most intriguing anecdote was about him catching bricks in place of footballs. Rice went on to say, “During the summer my father would take me to work with him. He was a brick mason. My brother and I, we had developed this technique where you throw the bricks up, they were separated, and I was snatching them in the air. So, the myth about me learning to catch footballs from catching bricks, that’s where it came from.”

So, I bought a dive brick. After a few months, I was then traversing the deep end of the pool while tossing a dive brick from one hand to the other.

It sorta’ looked like this, except I wa tossing the briock 12-18″ between my hands.I don’t throw the brick back and forth when others are near me because it freaks them out.

I got out of the pool the other day and the head lifeguard said to me, “Looks like you are getting even stronger with the brick.”

I Haven’t Dropped A Brick In Over Two Years

I replied, “I haven’t dropped a brick in over two years.”

He seemed unimpressed, and not really paying attention, so I added, “But I did drop two bricks this morning.”

He just rolled his eyes.

Of course, it is just one more line in a long series of things I shouldn’t have said…

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