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Chapter 28 – Getting Back In Step: Sitting, Walking, Driving And Just Being A General Nuisance

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Here are selected sections from Chapter 28 – Getting Back In Step: Sitting, Walking, Driving And Just Being A

Hip Replacement Book

Hip Replacement Book

A  representative section:

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”
Neil Armstrong

Will I Ever Recover? – Everyone heals from total hip replacement surgery at a different rate depending on your age, the condition of your hip and a myriad of other factors. Most patients will be restricted to using a walker or crutches for at least one month after your operation. Most patients will graduate to using a cane when outdoors when walking without assistive support while in your home. Total recovery varies, but usually takes at least three months.

I also discuss:

My First Purchase Was Spouse Insurance

How To Accessorize Your Crutches

Three Criteria To Meet Before Your Drive

And another 19+ helpful topics.

 Some people ask me, “Just what were you thinking?” Well, here are a few more video insights into my thought process on my hip replacement surgery timeline.

Just how does that leg lifter strap work…

Getting in and out of the car…

Alrighty… that concludes Chapter 28.

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