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Don’t Give Flowers After Surgery. Instead…

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Don’t Make This Common Post-Surgery, Gift Giving Mistake – While I was in the hospital recovering, my father called and asked how I was doing and if he could send me flowers. I politely (?) said that I would only be in recovery for two to three days so there was no need for the flowers. He meant well, he was far away and thought flowers were exactly what I needed. They weren’t.

Don’t Give Flowers After Surgery. Instead Give These! I made it home on day three and, to my surprise (if you saw me, you would know that I am not a flower kinda’ guy), I was receiving flowers. A flower delivery arrived (Flowers? What am I going to do with flowers?), then a neighbor brought over (MORE) flowers in a vase.

This Is Way, Way, Way, Way Better Than Flowers – She asked me how I was doing then was patiently waiting for me to acknowledge how nice the flowers looked so I finally gave in and said, “Thank you for the flowers in that nice vase!” I paused, then honestly said, “The only way this could be nicer was if that vase was filled with M&M’s.” She smiled. I got brownies with M&M’s in them (she knew that was my favorite) the next day.

Neil Diamond & Barbara Streisand, You Don’t Bring Me Flowers

Flowers (Make That M&M’s) For Algernon – Trailer

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