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Dedications – I Couldn’t Of Accomplished This All By Myself

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About This Hip Replacement Surgery Page
I Couldn’t Of Accomplished This All By Myself – (But.. I did supply the hip)

Hip Replacement Book

Hip Replacement Book

I am deeply appreciative of many people who helped me with my hip replacement surgery, my recovery and in writing this book – undoubtedly a cast of thousands…

Cast of Thousands

Thousands helped me…

First Things First – I would first like to thank my wife (you know, if you don’t thank your spouse first, life at home can get really, really miserable), Linda, for guiding (pestering, directing, nagging) me to seek treatment, navigate the medical care delivery system, prepare for surgery, recover from surgery then construct this book. Without her I would have been unable to experience such a positive outcome. My daughter, Kenzie, was an inspiration to me as she had experienced knee surgery, then went on to play college volleyball. I witnessed her surgery, her rehab tenacity and her ultimate recovery.

Of course all the medical care professionals that I came into contact with had a major role in my diagnosis, care and management of my condition. That includes everyone from my primary care physician (“You need to get in right away to see the orthopod.”), to the lab (“You here again?”) and x-ray techs (“You sure it is your right hip that is bad? Your left hip looks worse.”), to the nursing professionals that teased me (“I knew you were trouble.”) and I mercilessly teased in return (“Then you are Troublette.”), to the occupational and physical therapists (“Get up and move it!”) and my orthopedic surgeon (I thanked him for studying hard in college and foregoing a beer or two) and his operating team.

As important is the support I received from others including family members (some I didn’t know, but given my age and a major operation, maybe they were seeing if I was going to remember to update my will and include them before I went into surgery), my business partner and even our three cats. Each party was very patient with me, even when I sometimes (frequently) didn’t deserve it.

Hopefully my hip replacement experience will benefit you. Thank you for reading this book. I hope you enjoy and good luck with your hip(s).

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