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Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #1: The Most Terrifying Three-Minute Hip Replacement Surgery Video – Ever

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I had a discussion about hip replacement surgery but never watched any videos on it. THANK GAWD!

I was told that the surgery generally takes about 90 minutes (I must have been special – Mine took almost 2.5 hours. I guess my doctor like me…).

If you are the recipient to be, if it is your hip, if you are the one to have the head of your femur cut off with a saw, like from a scary scene from a bad horror flick, well, yes it is terrifying. Fortunately, orthopods are skilled at this procedure.

You can watch a hip replacement surgery in about three minutes. Be with someone you love for support, or just tightly grip your armchair rests.

It is the first video below and will autoplay.

hip replacement video

(Terrifying) Hip replacement surgery video #1.

I know, I know… it looks so easy – unless you are on the receiving end.

In case you love, enjoy,  appreciate graphic punishment, here are two more hip replacement surgeries.

Hip replacement surgery video #2.

Hip replacement surgery video #3.

There you go… piece of cake.

Of course, this is the after surgery self-portrait.


#hipreplacement #hipreplacementsurgery

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