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Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #13 How To Pack For Hip Replacement Surgery? Pack Like You Are Going To A Nudist Camp.

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Going In For Hip Replacement Surgery? Wondering What To Wear? What To Take? What To Pack? – Don’t overthink your options. In this post, we share your hip replacement surgery packing list.

Pack Your ‘Go Bag’ – You really won’t need much to take to the hospital. I wore shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops. I took my wallet (the hospital suggests having less than $10 with you), glasses, a toothbrush, iPad (and charger) and my cell phone (with charger).

OK, Your Bag Isn’t Full Yet? Try This: You may consider bringing magazines, books and even your favorite pillow (I wouldn’t, hospital germs, ya’know). Some people suggest a night gown or pajamas, but you will be spending most of your time in a hospital gown, laying down, so save yourself some packing.

Short packing list

So… Just How To Pack For Hip Replacement Surgery? Just pretend you are going to the nudist camp for a weekend… On second thought, you won’t even need that much clothing.

An advantage, you won’t have much to take how when you check out of the hospital.

Hip Tip – Electronics: Most people really won’t feel like checking Facebook, email or responding to text messages.

hospital selfie

Even fewer will be daring enough to post a selfie

hospital fahsion
(Just so you know, the above is a stunt double.)

Hip Tip – Peeking Out: Modesty will not be expected of you. You will have little need for things like deodorant, make-up or a change of clothes.

Listen To Your Pre-Surgery Playlist: Start with the song Windy and realize you will be in an ‘open wind’ hospital gown.

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