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Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #16: Toss The Egg

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There were many hip replacement surgery exercises I performed both as prehab and rehab. Gluteal squeezes was just one of them.

Gluteal Squeezes – No, this isn’t what happens when an inappropriate boss pinches a co-worker’s rear, it is an exercise to strengthen the muscles near your hip. Pretend you have a hard-boiled
egg between your buttocks cheeks, then squeeze your muscles as tightly as possible for 30-second sets.

Do this for three minutes. (Yes, your buttocks will look like this when you are done (even if you are male))

Final Step – Throw away the egg when complete.

Gluteal Squeeze

Gluteal Squeeze

Below are handy videos:

Prone Gluteal Squeeze

Pilates Glutes Squeeze

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