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Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #35: How The Young Vs The Old View ‘Walkers’

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Before Surgery – Runners And Walkers: When I was running in my 20’s, I would always see someone in front of me and try and pass them. The elite runners weren’t a problem because they were in front me and pulled away, but the average runner was my competitive prey. I would focus on the runner ahead, and just run faster until I passed that person. And the ‘walkers,’ I would just leave them in the dust.

After Surgery- Runners And Walkers: When I used my walker in the neighborhood, I was embarrassed that women sipping coffee carrying their babies with baby slings were quickly passing by me. I was now so slow that even a ‘walker’ would pass me.

“Walkers! Walkers! They are everywhere! Run!”
The Walking Dead – Zombie TV Series

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