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Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #4: Prehab – Spin, Baby, Spin

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Spinning - static bicycle health regime. Found...

OK, Now For A Little Prehab – Bike Spinning

I did bike spinning because it was low impact for my hip. But yes, I still had hip pain.

Spinning is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways of burning calories and increasing your cardiovascular health – because it’s fun. Regular spinners have more energy, they feel more awake, they lose weight, they feel fitter, better, stronger – what more could you want, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s dark or light, whether it’s raining, snowing or hurricane winds are blowing because you can spin inside in comfort. You don’t even need any special equipment to join a bike spinning class, just some comfortable clothes, a bottle of water and a sense of adventure and away you go.

Bike spinning really does take the concept of the exercise bike one step further. Oh yes, many of us have one (mine’s outside on the terrace, I like to keep it handy just in case I do get the urge, and it’s also useful for hanging your sweater on when you get a bit hot sweeping). Exercise bikes are great exercise, the only problem is, it can get a bit boring on your own at home can’t it, putting in all that effort and getting nowhere, there aren’t even any hills to freewheel down are there.

Bike spinning has all the goodness of riding an exercise bike but as I’ve already said, it takes it that one step further, it’s great fun. It’s like going on a bike ride with lots of mates, but it doesn’t matter if you get a little out of puff going uphill because they won’t have to stop and wait for you, you’ll be right alongside them no matter how fast you pedal.

Bike Spinning

Bike spinning classes are springing up all over the place and are suitable for just about anybody to join, you go at your own pace and can gradually build up the amount of work you do. This cardiovascular cycling is done on a stationery bike, and the tension can be increased or decreased, the mileage and time kept by a small computer, and you’ll even be able to keep a track of your heart rate and how many calories you’ve burned off in each session.

The bikes used for spinning do differ from the old style exercise bikes, and the classes are designed to give both your body and your mind a great work out. You don’t just sit there pedalling as fast as you can and then fall off with wobbly legs after five minutes, (your legs do feel a bit funny when you get off don’t they, like when you’ve been bouncing on a trampoline). The spinning exercise program, instead, has a variety of different speeds and movements, sometimes you’ll be told to stand on your pedals, sometimes you’ll be seated, sometimes you’ll be pedalling as fast as you possibly can and sometimes you’ll be slowly trying to recover. Your instructor will play great, inspirational music and you’ll be shown how to vary the speeds and positions of cycling to ensure that all parts of your mind and body get a great workout – your back, your stomach and even your feet.

“An amazing workout” for all kinds of people!


Once you’ve decided that bike spinning is the best way forward towards a new fitter, slimmer you, then you might like to invest in a pair of cycling shorts to show off your new figures, they make cycling easier too, and a gel pad might be a good idea until your bum gets used to sitting on that little saddle. Does my bum look big in this? Well, it does at the moment but it won’t after you’ve been spinning for a while.

Now that’s not something you see every day is it? They seem to be enjoying it though.

. . . . For Extra Comfort & Enjoyment

Spinning certainly is one of the latest fitness crazes to hit the gyms and sports centers around the world, many people are now buying their own spin bikes and doing it alone at home, although part of the fun of spinning really is to do it with lots of other people (just my opinion!)

Spinning classes are a fantastic way to keep fit during the off-season for any professional cycling types, and great fun (plus an intense cardiovascular workout) for anyone who just enjoys keeping fit and healthy with friends. As with many forms of exercise you don’t actually need to buy lots of specialized equipment and gear, a pair of sneakers will do for starters, but if you’re serious about spinning and plan on doing it regularly, then owning the right type of gear can help to improve both your performance and your comfort . . . it goes hand in hand really doesn’t it? The right spinning shoes really can help you to maximize your spinning performance and experience.

What To Look For When Buying Spinning Shoes

    • You should buy your spinning shoes at a specialized athletic or cycling store. You’ll notice that there is a wide variety of spinning shoes available in these places, with lots of different prices, styles and fits.
    • It’s important that your spinning shoes have a rigid sole. This will help to support and stabilize your feet when you’re hill climbing and prevents your feet from cramping up both during and after your spinning class.
    • Spinning shoes should have a nice snug fit. You don’t want your feet to be slopping around in your spinning shoes whilst you’re on the spin bike, this can cause problems and even injury. Don’t forget to buy some special cycling socks when you buy your spinning shoes.
    • Spinning shoes need to allow your feet to breathe, nice lightweight, well ventilated spinning shoes will be very welcome in the gym . . . gyms are not renowned for having a lot of fresh air are they? In fact, many gyms (especially the changing rooms) are quite stuffy and smelly.
    • Spinning bikes have different types of pedals, so it’s important to know what type of spinning shoes will suit the spinning bikes you’ll be riding. Some spinning bikes have clips or holes on the pedals so that you can attach a cleat to the sole of your spinning shoes, but your shoes might not be supplied with these cleats, you might have to buy them separately.

That’s a shame, I was just getting into that video when it stopped . . . Johnny Debut sure seems to know what he’s talking about!


Spinning Shoes Tips & Hints

So now you know a lot more about spinning shoes than you did a few minutes ago, but do take heed of this tips . . .

  • Try on a few different styles and makes of spinning shoes. They need to be a snug fit, and some spinning shoe brands are made narrower or wider than others, so different brands suit different feet. Don’t forget to try on your spinning shoes with the socks you’ll actually be using when you wear them, it really does make a big difference.
  • Don’t wear shoes which have laces for spinning, they can get tangled around the pedal or in the spokes and cause accidents.
  • Spinning shoes are designed for when you’re on the bike, so don’t expect that they’ll feel like tennies. Soft soles might be better for walking, but you’ll be glad of the stiff sole of the spinning shoes when you pick up the intensity a little.

She got a little excited when she “clipped in” didn’t she . . . bless her!

Clipping Your Spinning Shoes In and Out

Now just watch this video and you’ll see another reason why spinning is so much safer than outdoor cycling. She does advise you to practice clipping your shoes in and out at home before you go anywhere . . . just imagine if your foot got stuck on the pedal and wouldn’t clip out . . . what a mess that would make – yuk!

Let The Spinning Begin . . .

Spinning, (or indoor cycling for those who aren’t as up to date as the rest of us) is one of the latest health and fitness crazes to hit the gym. You don’t need to go to the gym however, you can do it at home on your own . . . just so long as you’ve got the right type of bike.

Spinning Classes & Instructors

A word of warning, spinning at the gym or spin class is great fun, and beginners can really learn a lot from the instructors and more experienced spinners, if you decide to go it alone at home it will save you some cash in the long run (gym memberships, transport, parking, drinks in the bar afterwards . . . ) but you’ll have to be a pretty self motivated type to really keep at it. Anyway, if you’ve decided that you don’t suit lycra and would rather do your spinning in the privacy of your own home and want to buy your own spinning bike, here are a few words of advice.

How To Buy a Spinning Bike

        • Spinning bike budget – unfortunately for the majority of us, one very large determination when buying anything new, including a spinning bike, is the budget. Decide exactly how much you can afford and concentrate on the spinning bike models which you can afford. Don’t be tempted into paying more than you can afford. There are some less expensive models of spinning bike which will do a great job and are easy to use, just look at those ones.
        • Spinning bike quality – look for a spinning bike which is really going to hold up even if it’s used extensively (you are going to use it extensively . . . right?) Choose spinning bikes which are manufactured from durable materials like aluminum or stainless steel – they’re less likely to rust from all of that moisture leaking from your exhausted body. Go on, spin and sweat, spin and sweat, stand up, sit down, faster, uphill, downhill, spin and sweat, spin and sweat . . .
        • Spinning bike fit – most spinning bikes will adjust to fit anybody, especially the bike seat and handlebars. Make sure that the spinning bike you choose can be adjusted to make sure that you’re very comfortable.

      • Spinning bike choice – don’t buy the first spinning bike you find, take a look around and try a few for size first. Take a few “test runs” if at all possible.

That one looks a bit tricky don’t you think . . . not to mention hard work. What a great workout!


    • Spinning bikes with weighted flywheels offer an easier ride. Make sure that the flywheel is within reach and easy to handle.
    • Spinning bikes are the latest fitness craze, now think on, what does that mean? It means that there are probably hundreds of spinning bikes already gathering dust at the back of some garages . . . the “must haves” will have possibly got tired of their spinning bike by now, and you might be able to pick up a real bargain if you check out newspaper ads, fitness clubs and keep an eye on the internet. Good quality, low mileage spinning bikes are just fine!
    • Spinning bike reviews are something else you should watch out for, especially on the internet. If you’re interested in a particular make or model of spinning bike and are thinking of buying one, check for any reviews written by real people who have already bought one. That’s where you find out the real truth about these things you know, by the real people who have really bought one and really use them every day.
    • Spinning bike warranties are another thing you should consider if you are buying a brand new spinning bike. Check out warranties offered on the spinning bike and its parts.

Then you could practice your own routines, in the privacy of your own home. These lot are pretty good though aren’t they? Amazing . . . .

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