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Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #45: My Opinion Was Different From My First Orthopod’s Opinion And That Was Different From My Second Orthopod’s Opinion…

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In My (Internet-Shaped) Opinion, All I Had Was A Stubborn Groin Pull – I had lots of bumps and bruises and pulls and a few tears and breaks over the years. My sore hip and groin area was simply a long, slow-healing groin pull. Sometimes they just take a long time to get better, especially if you still over use it and if you are getting up in age. I researched it on the internet, so it was true.

“No doctor is better than three.”
German Proverb

Everybody Has An Opinion. Make Sure You Listen To Right One – Opinions are worth what you pay for them. My mother-in-law has many opinions, which are always exactly the opposite of my opinion (only after she knew my position). Of course, her opinions are worth exactly what I paid for them… nothing.

You Get What You Pay For – Regarding your hip surgery, you are paying an orthopod for a professional opinion so it has value. Even though you pay for an orthopedic opinion, you may not fully understand or agree with it. If you are uncomfortable with your physician, or with the diagnosis, you can seek a second, or third, opinion.

Hip Tip – One Doctor’s Opinion: I moved from one part of the country about eight months before my surgery. My initial orthopod told me that given my age of 58 and heavy body size I should, “Lose weight and hold off as long as you can before surgery because these new hips don’t last forever.” He kinda’ scared me.

Just So It Sinks In – He then told me that should (when) I need this hip replaced again, that the revision surgery can be ‘morbid.’ He had a very concerned look on his face when he said ‘morbid.’ Frankly, he really scared me. I concluded that I would just have to manage suffering.

A Second Doctor’s Opinion, I Was A Real Jerk – We moved 1,200 miles away and I met with a new orthopod. I laid down on the exam table, placed my foot against his shoulder and he slowly bent my knee and pushed towards my hip. After about 18” of movement, my whole body jerked from hip pain. He stopped there and said, “You are in very bad shape and we are scheduling surgery for you eight weeks from now.” I asked my new orthopod about revision surgery and he confidently said he performs revisions all the time and would do mine if that time ever presented itself. He didn’t scare me.

Two Sides Of The Coin (Plus The Edge) – In short, I had my opinion, and two experienced orthopods offered opposite advice on how to treat my hip condition.

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