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Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #88: Lean On Me (But Not Too Much)

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Well, Bill Withers may have been right when he sang, “Lean On Me,” to a friend in need, but you have to be very careful about leaning on items after surgery – especially tables that are not sturdy and loved ones (who think they are).

Your spouse may want to be your support system, but they just may not be strong enough.

Support system

My first day home I was sitting at the dining room table (of course on a elevated, padded seat). I went to get up using my walker on one side for support and the table for the other hand. It seems like our table wasn’t as sturdy as I thought as it started to tilt from my weight and reliance on it. You have to use your walker. It isn’t as hard as it look in the picture below.

Using walker to stand

Here is how to go from sitting to standing using a walker.

Bonus Hip Tips: For the most part, you shouldn’t rely on a family member to ‘pull you up’ from a chair. Often, hip replacement patients are older, so their spouses/friends are older, and weaker as well.

After surgery, you will feel like a real “Lazy Boy” and not want to do anything…

Real lazy boy

This is how it will look, for at least one of you, if you have someone help you up and they are not strong enough to do the job – you can collapse to the floor, as if you are passed-out drunk.

Trying to stand up


Bonus Hip Tip (For Reward): I know, I know (in retrospect) me suggesting that you don’t put all your weight on a table is common sense (after surgery you have even less), but which one of these table designs is more likely to tip if you use it for extra support?

Balanced Table



And with you successfully passing the above test, here is your reward.

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