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Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #37: How My Orthopod Was My Sin Eater…

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My Orthopod Is A ‘Sin Eater’ – Hmm, now why would I say that my physician going to make my life better by being sin eater?

The sin eater concept stems from the Aztec goddess Tlazolteotl. At the end of someone’s life, they were allowed to confess their misdeeds, their regressions and their sorrows to her, and, according to legend, she would cleanse their soul by ‘eating their sins.’

My physician was my personal sin eater. All the bad habits I had (have), all the extra weight I  have carried, all the extra stress I placed on my hips, all my bad genetics, all the time I waited before going in to see my doctor, in short, all my sins, were eaten (and fixed) by my orthopod.

Go Confess Your Sins To Your Orthopod.



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