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Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #72: “Almost Pissed The Bed,” Or How I Knew It Was Time To Replace My Hip.

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So… I often get emails from people who ask me, “How did you know it was time to get your hip replaced?”

I respond by writing, “You know it is time (and not yet too late) when you hit the ‘almost’ marker.”

There are a lot of things that are ‘almost.’

I ‘almost’ got away with it…

I ‘almost’ got accepted into…

I ‘almost’ forgot your birthday…

Fill in your own ‘almost’

For me, my ‘almost’ moment was when my hip was so sore, that I didn’t think I could get out of bed quickly enough to make it to the bathroom.

Here are some ‘Almost’ songs and movies…

One of my favorites is Almost Cut My Hair by  David Crosby.

But first, here is my version lyrics.

Almost Pissed The Bed

Almost pissed the bed, it happened just the other day.
My hip is getting sore, I coulda said it was in my way.
But I didn’t and I wonder why, I felt like letting my urine fly,

When I finally get myself together, I’m going to get operated when it’s sunny southern weather.
And I find a place to trip, separate the femur from the hip.


Almost is Never Enough – Ariana Grande

Almost Famous movie trailer

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