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Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #86: Swimming Rehab – Don’t Swim After Kid’s Class -‘Urine Borealis’

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A Lesson Mostly Occurs After The Event

As with most life lessons, you have to experience a mistake, a screw-up or something going wrong in order to gain the full impact of the experience.

Let me try and save you that step.

Swimming Rehab

After hip replacement surgery you have to wait until your incision heals. For me, that was about 30 days. I met with my orthopod on a Friday and he gave me the go-ahead to start a swimming rehab regimen.

After my appointment, I checked the local YMCA and found an open swim on Saturday – right after a class teaching kids how to swim. I arrived 15 minutes before the start of the free swim period (I put my swimsuit on at home, so no one would see the scar) went to the pool’s edge, waiting for most of the 35 children to get out.

As soon as immersed myself I swam underwater. It felt good. The water was warm (in hindsight, maybe a bit too warm) and the sunlight was filtering through a window into the pool depths.

I saw the sunlight refracted and was reminded of the aurora borealis. I asked myself, “What could be better? I am on the road to full recovery.”

Hmm, Why Is The Pool So Colorful Today?

Then I asked myself another question, “Why is the pool water was so filled with color?”

Then I saw the last little kid get out saying to his mom, “No, mom, I didn’t pee today! Can I get my reward treat now?”

Urine Borealis

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