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Hip Replacement Surgery Tips: 101+ Bonus Suggestions, Considerations, Ideas And What To Expect

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Here is a list of hip replacement surgery tips.

They are derived from personal experience that evolved from, “It must just be a ‘pulled groin’ muscle,” to, “Gosh, that kinda’ hurts,” to “I can adjust and live with the pain,” to the point it was easier to go see the doctor than try and live with my wife telling every day to go see the doctor.

No – these hip replacement tips, they are not in order, nor complete, yet 🙂

Let’s start off with an easy one…

Replace your hip

Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #64: What If Dr. Seuss Wrote About A Hip Replacement – One Hip, Two Hip, Broke Hip, Fixed Hip: Is this how Dr. Seuss what have described his hip replacement surgery?

One hip
Two hip
Broke hip
Fixed hip.

Who liked to run?
And walk fast for fun?
Who can barely stand?
Because your hip is done.

Walked with bad gait
Went until too late
I now realize
That I should not wait.

Read more…


Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #39: Explaining How Your Hip Feels To Those Without Hip Pain – Demonstrating Hip pain. How to illustrate the magnitude of hip discomfort with a single image.


Hand of God

Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #77 Post Surgery Issues – Moron Or Hand Of God?: When pain takes over, you forget stuff.


Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #4 Prehab – Spin, Baby, Spin Prehab is good for you, either swim or spin on a stationary bike if you can.

replace hip
Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #11 What Are The Odds Of A Medicare Hip Replacement Surgery? About 12 people per 1,000 Medicare beneficiaries will need one (or more) of their joints replaced.

Gluteal Squeeze

Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #16 Toss The Egg How to do gluteal squeezes… the right way.


Oh No!
Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #31 Evacuate So They Don’t Have To Remember to have that ‘morning-of-surgery’ bowel movement…


Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #38 Just Who Should Be Experienced? Where and when to have your hip replaced.


Trying to stand up

Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #88: Lean On Me (But Not Too Much): After surgery you will be weak, you will want to stand, but when you go to get up, you finally realize you need to utilize your walker to stand. Video included on how to do it correctly.


Laffer Curve & Pain

Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #79: Applying The Laffer Curve To Hip Replacement Pain: hip pain Just how does the Laffer Curve correlate to hip pain?

Can't speak

Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #47: Recognizing Pre-Hip Replacement Surgery Pain In 100 Words (Or Less) Hip replacement symptoms. Just what should you ‘listen for’ from a loved one who might need a hip replacement?




Hip Replacement Songs

Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #34: Top Musical Hits About Hip Replacement SurgeryNot every song is about love. A surprisingly list of remastered songs to tell the story of hip replacements.



Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #44: Post Surgery Sex (Conjugal Visits) – I must have been having great sex and i didn’t even know it.



Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #77: Post Hip Replacement Surgery Issues – Was I really a moron or was it just the hand of God?



Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #14: Revenge Of The Catheter – Just what is a catheter? Oh, that is a catheter! And where is that going? Before the catheter kids would flee, women would gasp and men would cheer! After the catheter, well…



Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #1: The Three Minute Hip Replacement Surgery Video – Everything you will experience, summarized in just a few minutes – from the comfort of a single click.


Nobody but me

Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #53: 30 Seconds Of Song Teaches Everything You Are Allowed To Do Immediately After SurgeryHip replacement post surgery precautions.



Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #31: Evacuate So They Don’t Have ToPre-surgery checklist; the one thing you have to do BEFORE surgery.


Gluteal Squeeze

Gluteal Squeeze

Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #16: Toss The Egg – Important pre and post hip replacement exercises. Just where is that egg placed?


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