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Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #44: Post Surgery Conjugal Visits (I Must Have Been Having Great Sex And I Didn’t Even Know It.)

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Many patients wonder when they can resume sex (assuming they had any before their hip replacement operation).

“Sex without pain is like food without taste.”
Marquis de Sade

After reading that quote to illustrate the pain I had with degenerative hip, I instantly realized that I had been having great sex – all this time, and I didn’t even know it.


Alrighty, back to the question, “When can I have sex after surgery?”

Well, you are in pain before you have surgery because your hip has degenerated. And, you are in pain after surgery because you have just had a major operation. So, expect a bit a pain for a while.

Various online forums and hospitals offer an array of opinions as to when you can safely rekindle your romantic relationships. Most sites indicate to wait several weeks before resuming sexual intercourse.

Even the NIH weighs in about sex after an operation. They state, “Total or partial hip replacement is now a common operation, but when a patient can safely resume sex is often not mentioned. Anatomically, internal rotation is dangerous postoperatively because it can lead to dislocation, but, as intercourse usually requires external rotation of the joint, sex can generally be resumed when the scar is comfortable.” Hmm, not very informative if you are looking for a specific time frame.

Who knew there was a waiting period?

During my two-week follow up appointment, my physician told me I could resume sex when I felt comfortable. I fessed up and said that I had that already covered. At the end of the session he commented that a seven day waiting period was not what he had in mind. I asked him if he meant it could have been a shorter period of time.

The answer… when you are comfortable enough to have it.

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