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Hip Replacement Tip #73: How I Felt The First Few Days After Surgery – Day #: Held Hostage

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The first few days after surgery are (conceptually) good in that grinding, bone on bone, hurts with every step feeling is gone. Yea!

But that has been replaced with a, “Gosh, Did I just have a 9″ slice into my buttocks, my femur cut off and replaced with a prosthetic, a socket screwed into my hip and sewn back together,” feeling.

Every time I emailed my orthopod, I always used the same subject line, “Day – Held Hostage.” Because that is how I felt for the first few days after surgery.

Of course, he emailed me back and set that he had ‘set me free’ and I was no longer a hostage, but it sure felt like it.

held hostage

Of course at my two-year ‘anniversary,’ I emailed him and the subject was (for easy math calculation):

“Day (365 x 2) – Held Hostage… Update.”

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