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Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #54 Just What Are The 10 Commandments To Know Before Hip Replacement Surgery?

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Much like any other life event that presents a challenge to overcome, hip replacement surgery has its own set of rules.

  1. Thou shalt regard the phrase, ‘Hip Replacement Surgery,’ as only a phrase and not a meaning of shame.
  2. Thou shalt realize that you will get hip pain and that hip pain will not get better, it only will get worse.
  3. Thou shalt take and keep accurate notes of your medical condition and how it changes.
  4. Thou shalt recognize that your pain makes you miserable but your pain doesn’t mean you have to make it miserable for others.
  5. Thou shalt get a medical diagnosis from at least one physician.
  6. Thou shalt give thyself time to understand and analyze your medical options.
  7. Thou shalt consent to surgery when it is deemed a medical necessity.
  8. Thou shalt keep exercising, performing therapy and stretching up until the day before surgery.
  9. Thou shalt plan ahead for your recovery including preparing your home and acquiring the necessary medical supplies.
  10. Thou shalt have no other gods before you (well, except for your orthopod).

And lastly, be thankful that there are only 10 Commandments because you want to break all of them.

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